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Please note that one T-shirt is included in the annual administration and T-shirt fee of R190.Kindly select the shirt size below.

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  Occasionally we take photos or videos of classes for marketing purposes. Please indicate if you will or will not allow photos of your child.

Terms & Conditions

ENROLMENT: Enrolment is per term which is made up of an average of 10 structured classes. Children can enroll anytime of the year. An enrolment fee is a once-off fee payable every year, this is for hand-outs and administration.

HAND-OUTS: Children will receive weekly stickers, certificates and evaluation reports throughout the year and a graduation medal at the end of the year.

FEES: Children are invoiced per term. Fees must be settled no later then 30 days into a term. Monthly payments can be arranged. Payment options are cash, cheque or EFT.

ATTIRE: It is advised that children wear practical clothing for physical exercise.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents wishing to discontinue Gymbo-Kidz classes are to give a full term\\\'s notice. Parents discontinuing their children at the beginning of a term are still liable to pay for that term. No discount will be given for absenteeism or for schools being closed during normal school term dates. Catch up classes will be arranged where possible.

INDEMNITY: The Gymbo-Kidz staff cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may arise whilst children are under the supervision of Gymbo-Kidz staff.



Extra T-shirt Orders

Dear moms and dads, please note that your annual enrolment includes one T-shirt. You will need to indicate the size you need in the Enrolment form above.Should you wish to order an EXTRA T-Shirt/s for your child, please fill in the Extra T-Shirt order form below and select the size of the shirt/s again. Extra T-shirts are available for sale at R90 per shirt, once you have paid the Enrolment fee of R180.

  Payment can be made in the form of:
Cash sent in a sealed envelope (Marked with child's full name/T-Shirt) to your child's school.
(Please make sure that your child's school accepts the responsibility of keeping cash for Gymbo-Kidz).

Bank deposit or eft payment into the Gymbo-Kidz Account and proof of payment faxed as follows:
  Once you have received your child's t-shirt and you are not happy with the size of the shirt. Please contact us immediately to swap it from our existing stock. If we do not have the size you want in stock it will take up to 14 working days to get the new shirt to you.
  Parents who have ordered t-shirts but have outstanding term fees are asked to settle their child's term fees with their payment for the T-shirt/s. Please note that shirts will only be delivered once all accounts are up to date.

For any queries, please feel free to contact us on 074 131 9803
or email us at admin@gymbo-kidz.co.za
  (Please note that only one order per t-shirt can be made at a time. Please submit one order per t-shirt size)
  First Name:
  Cost(R90 each):
  Payment option(eft/cash)
  T-Shirt Size:

Bank Details:
Bank Name: Nedbank
Branch Code: 13 98 28
Account Number: 101 569 7488
Reference: Child’s full name /School